Print Media


All of our media platforms are part of the global strategy we have adopted in view of a greater international openness.

“L’Observateur du Maroc et d’Afrique” provides a weekly supplement involving top notch journalists of all sides. Our collaboration with leading international media brands, such as the US influential, business-focused newspaper the Wall Street Journal and the powerful Spanish daily El Mundo, does reinforce our global scope.

The pan-African magazine, “Pouvoirs d’Afrique” is our very latest challenge. It offers a top quality journalistic work, providing a deeper reading and analysis of the current topical news on the continent. The African media is keen to feature and bring forward the new elites who initiate change across the continent at all levels.

Our Arabic-language media platforms are at the forefront of the Arab press not only in Morocco but also internationally through our online news platforms.

As far as “MedRadio” is concerned, it has succeeded, shortly after its launch, to capture a sizeable share of an audience in search of proximity and air-interactivity.

Today, our international experience aims to further broaden our readership, but also to perfect our achievements together.

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