Created in 2002, Maroc Telematique is an advertising agency equipped with an outdoor billboard capacity covering all parts of Morocco.

Maroc Telematique has built a sales force made up of professionals who are highly qualified in the business. Beyond its professionalism, the team owns and manages a significant customer portfolio. Powered by the passion to offer our customers the best possible service in connecting brands to customers and prospects, the sales team plans and conducts advertising campaigns and provides other services that help customers entering and succeeding in a chosen market. The agency’s services include preparation and placement of media buys for the entire GMH group and its supports including print and digital media, radio, and the billboard advertising business.

The group’s out-of-home-media vendor provides a multitude of advertising solutions all of which offer their own unique impact : billboards, giant roofs, walls, building facades, 4 * 3, and more. In fact, our extensive portfolio coupled with our premier locations offer an unparalleled coverage. In addition, all solutions are designed with the customers’ needs in mind. Precisely for this reason, our customers remain loyal to us over the years. They even strongly recommend our services to the new entrants in the market.

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